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Building Inspection Service Building Inspection Service Approved Building Inspection Approved Building Inspection Approved Building Inspection
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Building Inspection Service Building Inspection Service
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** Discounts available for Combined Building & Pest Inspections!
A thorough pre-purchase building inspection and report are essential and will give you documented proof of the current condition, of the home or building you are buying. The building inspection and report will allow you to make a confident and well informed decision. The building inspection will simply provide your potential house with a physical check-up. The property/building will be examined and compared to other properties/buildings of similar age and construction. Any problems or symptoms identified will be highlighted in the building inspection report and under some circumstances the inspector may recommend further evaluation. Building Inspection $275.00 ORDER
A termite inspection is a MUST!
Every year thousands of homes are infested by termites or other wood destroying timber pests. In-fact one in every three house we inspect (a termite inspection is conducted) has been subjected to some form of timber pest attack (termite damage, borer damage and/or decay damage). As a home purchaser you need to know if these timber pests are settled in the property/building before investing your money. Termites are the most organized enemy you'll ever face.  They are tough, intelligent, determined and highly efficient.  Their impact cannot be easily detected until they have succeeded with causing internal structural damage. Timber Pest Inspection $175.00 ORDER
Home warranty is insurance, which building contractors are required to carry by law to protect homeowners. OWNER BUILDERS and CONTARCTORS are required to provide this insurance to prospective purchasers.  The insurance company will appoint a technical consultant/inspector to carry out a site inspection and require you to provide necessary documentation prior to the issue of insurance certificate. Home Warranty Insurance Inspection $430.00 ORDER
We provide Strata reports or sometimes called strata inspections throughout Sydney and New South Wales. Our strata inspection title report is one of the most comprehensive inspection reports in the strata inspection industry.

Since the inception of the strata inspection report industry our inspectors have been leaders and at the forefront of the development of the strata title report. Basically the strata report is one of our specialities.

Our strata inspectors are highly qualified and some have perfomed as many as 20000 strata reports and strata inspections.

Before purchasing a strata title unit town house or villa, it is wise to arrange an inspection of the books and records of the owner’s corporation. This should be done by a suitably qualified strata searcher. There are many things that are not apparent from a visible inspection of the building. Did you know that there are a number of factors, which can impact on you once you become the owner? It is wise that you get informed about such, so that a prudent decision can be made BEFORE purchasing. Strata Inspection $265.00 ORDER
A completion building report is an exceedingly comprehensive building inspection. The building report will aim at identifying all defects, incomplete works and/or shoddy finishes. Any major or minor assessed defects or deteriorating conditions will be noted in the building report; hence giving the purchaser a valid opportunity to demand of the builder, the completion or rectification of the works, to the level of quality expected of new construction. Completion Inspection $390.00 ORDER
A home or building consist of many complex components including structural framing, physical components, electrical and plumbing. These must assimilate cohesively for structural integrity and safety. If the home or building you are about to purchase is not structurally safe and well integrated; high, unexpected and continuous repair bills will prevail. Engineering Inspection $580.00 ORDER
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Certified Building Reports
Approved Building Inspection
Approved Building Inspection
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Certified Building Reports Certified Building Reports
Certified Building Reports
Certified Building Reports
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